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Few Biggest Problems With The New Apple iPhone 7

Few Biggest Problems With The New Apple iPhone 7
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Apple iPhone 7 is formally upon us. Following a week of pre-requests, the most recent in the iPhone lineup formally dispatches now.

But Here are the few most concerning issues with Apple’s iPhone 7.

Few Biggest Problems With The New Apple iPhone 7

Few Biggest Problems With The New Apple iPhone 7

The 3.5 mm sound jack is no more.

The 100-year-old innovation has worked flawlessly in horde gadgets as one of only a handful few helpfully widespread jacks accessible to shoppers. It works pretty much also on iPhone or an Android telephone or a Sony Walkman.

As per Apple, they’ve done this to make the iPhone 7 more slender and more water safe.


No remote charging or quick charging still.

The iPhone 7 still falls behind the opposition with regards to essential charging innovation.


The iPhone 7′s LED showcase is still only 750p.

The iPhone 7′s screen isn’t unpleasant, by any methods, however as far as determination it’s not really top of the line either. Its determination is a measly 750p.


No USB-C or expandable stockpiling.

Numerous individuals were trusting that Apple would surrender its Lightning connector for the a great deal more all inclusive USB-C, that is turning out to be increasingly pervasive by the day.


There’s no “stunning” variable.

Last, however not slightest, the iPhone 7 basically neglects to “goodness” us. It looks inconceivably like the iPhone 6, and feels more like a half-generational knock than another model.



The iPhone 7 is surely a stage forward from the iPhone 6 as far as fundamental usefulness. A superior camera, more stockpiling and water resistance all make it Apple’s “best telephone yet.”

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