24 hidden iPhone features that are truly hidden. iphone features hidden tricks
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24 hidden iPhone features that are truly hidden

24 hidden iPhone features that are truly hidden
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How frequently have you seen posts on tech locales about “concealed iPhone components” and pondered internally, these traps aren’t generally covered up by any means. We’ve even had a couple articles here on BGR with tips that were to be sure obscure to most clients, yet the canny iOS gadget proprietors out there were without a doubt acquainted with no less than a couple of them.

All things considered, in this piece we’re going to educate you concerning 24 concealed components that are truly, genuinely covered up. As in, you could look through your iPhone from now until the end of time and you wouldn’t discover any of these traps unless you recognize what you’re searching for.


Previously, a hefty portion of the concealed tips we’ve seen on locales and even secured here are essentially things that are covered in the Settings application in spots individuals ordinarily wouldn’t look. These are extraordinary things to know — a lot of individuals would make their camera streak squint with approaching messages in the event that they realized that they could, for instance — however they’re not by any stretch of the imagination “covered up” or “mystery,” in essence.

24 hidden iPhone features that are truly hidden

24 hidden iPhone features that are truly hidden

Each of the tips that take after underneath, nonetheless, are totally covered up. There is no sign that these capacities exist in iOS, and we promise that most clients don’t think about them. Truth be told, we likewise ensure that even the savviest iPhone proprietors among you will discover no less than maybe a couple things you didn’t definitely know. Actually, ran this rundown past a companion who works at Apple and there were a couple of things that even he didn’t have an inkling.


Redial: In the Phone application, press the green call catch on the keypad screen to make the last dialed number show up.

Clear store: Make your iPhone run speedier by getting out the reserve in a few of Apple’s applications utilizing a mystery trap. In the App Store, Podcasts, Music, Game Center, iMessage and Phone applications, tap on any single tab symbol at the base of the screen 10 times in succession.

Make TouchID work speedier: Save the same unique mark numerous times as various passages and TouchID will work much quicker. This is particularly helpful on more seasoned telephones like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s.

Spotlight transformations: Remember when we let you know how simple changes are in our post on Google look traps? It’s considerably simpler for iPhone clients — simply open Spotlight and sort something like “20 euros in GBP,” and it will in a flash play out the transformation.

Spotlight math: Want to do a fast math issue? No compelling reason to open the Calculator application, simply pull down to open Spotlight and sort it in that spot.

Erase numbers in the Calculator: Speaking of the Calculator, you can erase single digits when you tap the wrong number by swiping left or right on the screen where the numbers show up.

Clear RAM to make your telephone run quicker: Hold down the force catch until you see “Slide to control off,” then let go and hold down the home catch until the screen goes clear and your home screen returns.

Blasted mode: Hold down the camera’s screen catch to shoot in burst mode.

Remote screen: Use the volume up or down catch on your earphones to snap a photograph in the Camera application.

Turn the electric lamp off: what number times have you turned your spotlight on and longed that you didn’t need to swipe open the Control Panel again to stop it? We’ll spare you a stage: just swipe up on the camera symbol on your lock screen and the electric lamp will kill.

3D Touch while drawing: All of the drawing devices and the eraser are weight delicate in the Notes application.

Close different applications without a moment’s delay: Double-tap the home catch to open the application switcher and you can utilize two, even three fingers to slide numerous applications shut with one swipe.

As of late shut tabs: Want to rehash this article on your telephone however you overlooked what site you were understanding it on in any case? Just tap and hang on the + image in Safari on the tab merry go round perspective to open a screen that rundowns the greater part of your as of late shut tabs.

Desktop variant of a site: We all know you can ask for the desktop adaptation of a versatile site in Safari yet it’s less demanding to do than you might suspect. Simply hold down the reload catch in the URL bar.

Look at tabs: Not certain you need to open that tab in the Safari tab merry go round? A 3D Touch will give you A chance to look at it first.

Look at bookmarks: Did you know you can utilize 3D Touch to Peek at bookmarks before you open them?

Alter updates: 3D Touch a thing in your Reminders application to alter the time or include an area.

See just new messages: So you don’t hone “inbox zero” as I do however you just need to see new messages in your inbox. Tap the Mailboxes join in the upper right corner of the Mail application and afterward tap Edit. Tap the circle alongside “New” and you’ll have another envelope that contains just your new messages.

Save a draft with one swipe: In the Mail application, tap on the title and swipe down to the base of the screen to spare a draft.

Brisk Reply: When you get a notice at the highest point of the screen that you have another iMessage or SMS, pull the notice descending to answer without leaving the screen you’re on.

Shrouded level(s): Slide to one side in the Compass application open the level. At that point put your telephone level with the screen confronting far starting from the earliest stage uncover an air pocket level.

Craftsman Peek: 3D Touch a craftsman in the Music application to Peek at their music.

Reenable Low Power Mode: When Low Power Mode naturally stop as you charge, you’ll get a warning on your lock screen that it has been handicapped. Swipe left on that warning to walk out on.

Discover an iPhone’s proprietor: Did you locate a lost iPhone in a bar? Basically ask Siri, “whose telephone is this?” and it will demonstrate you so you can reach him or her and return it.


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